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Our word counter is an online free tool that not only helps you count words, but it is conducive to know your word per minute Speed by directly typing here. As you all know, we live in the era of word count indirectly, which is needed to stay on a limit for word count? Before going to the next paragraph after the first one, you quickly recognize the words you need or how lengthy you want to make a paragraph.

Now, if you are questioning about what is the use of word count in our daily life. The answer is straightforward; we need to count our words on how many characters we need on Twitter, Facebook, or website post. It’s one of the free tools which provide easy and free word counts and assist us in everyday life. Another advantage of using it is to know the sentence, reading, and speaking time of your words.

How to Use It?

The use of the word count is effortless and straightforward. However, you must keep in mind to follow the following essential steps:

  • Open the word count as per your need; a box shows 0 words, and 0 characters will appear.
  • Start writing there or have already done writing, paste your paragraph, article, blog, or post in the empty block.
  • A note with words and characters is opened now, which informs you about your word count.
  • If you want to use it for next time, you can auto-save your documents to view for next time you need it.
  • Click on exact to delete the current paragraph, and hence you can start again.

Usage of Word Counter

Word counter has several uses in our life. It is helpful in the following fields or ways:

  • To Know Your Typing Speed

One of the essential and necessary tools is to know your writing speed or a minute or per hour. To accomplish these tasks, set a timer and write words here. After the specific time, count your words.

  • Important for Writers or Bloggers

It is essential and useful for the writer or bloggers who are assigned writing tasks. Using this tool, they are easily known by their words in an article or blog. It is beneficial to SEO point of view. It helps to count keyword density, which is a unique and fabulous use for writers.

  • For Academic Purpose

It is a handy tool for a theoretical point of view. Teachers and students need it when they are in a stage of accomplishment of a task. Students may check their assignments, and students may use it to check the quality of the work.


Word counter is handy for all professionals, writers, website owners, and many others. Its ultimate features help find the keyword stuffing and many other critical tasks mentioned above. So, use this tool and make your life enjoyable plus easy in all academic, writing, and professional fields.

Note: We have provided the best tool for you for your easiness. However, if you feel any difficulty using it, you are free to ask any time in the comments. We are here for every 24/7 to assist you.