How to write a good hook for your essay

How to write a good hook for your essay“You have to make a choice even when nothing can be chosen.”
And you have to find the perfect hook for your essay even when you don’t know what to write.

Strategy for writing essay hooks:
Use literary quotes.
Write a quote from a famous person.
Surprise with a misunderstanding.
Write anecdote.
Tell personal stories.
Use statistical data.
Give questions.
Sharing facts or definitions.
“Drawing” a scene.
Start with a thesis statement.
The # 1 prejudice owned by most students in writing essays: too time-consuming, difficult, and bo-o-ring.


When the teacher asks you to write essays, they don’t want to ban your creativity. The essay should not be boring or too formal but makes the reader want to check every word. And your job is reaching and keeping their attention throughout your writing.

The essay hook is that certain instruments you need to meet this challenge.


What is the essay hook?
“The essay hook is 1-2 the opening sentence of your paper. They function to attract the attention of the reader and help them decide whether they want to continue to read your text.

We call it “hook” because it reminds the shiny bait used by fishermen to catch fish. And, depending on the fish they want to catch, they will use different hooks.

Don’t confuse hooks with introductions! Hook essay opens your introduction rather than replacing it. After you associate with the reader, be sure to introduce the topic of your essay and thesis.


A hook. Write a strong opening sentence capturing the reader’s attention.
A topic. Tell the reader about the focus of your essay.
A thesis. State your opinions about the topic.
Essays and college papers are not alone in the hook. Fiction writers, copywriters, bloggers, writers scenarios, and other men use this instrument to get interested and influence our decision. Do you hear about David Ogilvy and eternal lessons to write and stand out? He is a genius hook and true persuasion!

Essay Hooks can be difficult to produce, especially if you are still in the thesis clarification process. The first step towards an interesting opening writing for your essay will be the answer to these questions:

What kind of essay is it?
What style and tone of writing do you need to use?
Who is your destination audience?
What text structure do you need to make?
Pro Tip: Write the hook and introduction after you complete the entire essay. This will help to clarify the thesis and understand what type of hook is suitable for your work better.

To get a better idea about what a great estimate, watch the video tutorial from James, which defines the hook essay as a grabber.


Hooks essay ideas.

So, what type of opening line can you use as a good hook for essays?

1) literary quotes
This type of hook functions for essays about writers, literary phenomena, books, etc. Start your essay with offers from the book you review, and it will make your authority as a writer.



2) quotes from famous people
To support your argument and create a lip hook for your essay, start with a quote from famous people. But make sure it is relevant to your topic and thesis.



It’s all good and fine but …

Some teachers consider this type of hook for essays too general and too often used. They prevent college letters start or finish with influencer words, not students themselves. So, if you decide to use such a hook, find quotes that are rarely not relevant. Do not copy the first proverb available from the top quote website.

3) General misunderstandings
You can start your introduction with a statement about the truth that is commonly received wrong. It will arouse your audience and encourage them to continue reading.


“Most Americans mistakenly believe that all rice is basically the same.”
“Most coffee addicts will tell you their favorite drinks come from beans, but they are

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